A global automotive company,
inspired to be world-leading in innovation and Monozukuri,
while contributing to a sustainable society.


Mission Statement


We create the strongest world-wide automotive supplier brand by cohesively blending our diverse cultures into one dynamically agile team.


We are persistent to invest in the CK core values generating pride, passion, and loyalty in all of our team members.

World Leading Innovation

We harness creativity and a Monozukuri spirit from our team members to be first-to-market with high quality products and processes for our customers.

Sustainable Society

We are committed to be a socially responsible corporate citizen that brings value to our shareholders, communities, and team members.

Mid-term Business Plan "Compass 2021"

Calsonic Kansei announced its mid-term business plan for fiscal years 2017 through 2021, titled "Compass 2021"

□ Compass 2021(PDF:1,079KB)

Tag Line

Tag Line

To the keywords for our vision, which are “inspiration (a dream we want to realize and passion so strong that we can convey it to our friends)” and “innovation,” we have added “driven,” which is associated with a vehicle, and which has meanings of “as the driving force” or “driven by passion,” to make the line easy to remember.

CK WAY (Action Guideline)


  1. Challenge

  2. Independence

  3. Learning


  1. Fact-Driven

  2. Continuous

  3. Commitment & Target


  1. Cross function / Cross region

  2. People Oriented

  3. Diversity

  4. Transparency

Global Code of Conduct for Calsonic Kansei Group

    1. Comply with all Laws and Rules

    2. Avoid Conflict of Interest

    3. Preserve Company Assets

    4. Be Impartial and Fair

    5. Be Transparent and Accountable

    6. Value Diversity and Provide Equal Opportunity

    7. Be Environmentally Responsible

    8. Be Active; Report Violations

Design Concept

Design concept

This sleek, sharp design is a symbol of power and technological capabilities. At the same time, it represents a refreshing breeze carrying the image of a comfortable environment, which expresses the company's policy of generating new winds that bring a new kind of value to the world.