Our Stance on CSR

CSR Policy

CSR Policy

Calsonic Kansei’s CSR Policy outlines the responsibilities and policies Calsonic Kansei promises to fulfil for its stakeholders, with a view to achieving its “Corporate Vision.” Based on this policy, each employee contributes to the achievement of a sustainable society by conducting their daily operations with an awareness of social responsibilities and with well-balanced business management based on environmental, social, and economic aspects.

Responsibilities to Customers

We aim to be the most trusted parts supplier by responding to the diversified needs and expectations of society and providing high-quality products and services that satisfy our customers.

Responsibilities to Business Partners

We will collaborate with our business partners, who provide us with components and services, as equals, and aim to create mutual improvement and sustainable growth through fair and ethical business practices.

Responsibilities to Employees

We respect the diversity and value of each employee and provide opportunities for them to develop talents that contribute to the company and to society, as well as securing a healthy and safe workplace environment. With this approach, we will create a company in which every employee can enjoy a rich life of hope, passion, and pride.

Responsibilities to Employees’ Health and Safety

Based on the basic principle “the Health and Safety of employees takes precedence over all,” we are committed to creating the safest and most appropriate workplace in the auto-parts industry through the participation of all employees.

Responsibilities to Shareholders

We aim to improve our profitability by continuously developing competitive products, and at the same time, we aim to enhance the company’s corporate value by conducting fair business trade and with proactive information disclosure in order to return the generated benefits to our shareholders.

Responsibilities to Society


We will contribute to the automotive society through our products by focusing on three key technologies: Environment, Safety and Comfort

Environment: Technologies for developing eco-friendly-vehicles Safety: Technologies for creating automotive society without car accidents Comfort: Technologies for developing vehicles which drivers can drive with comfort


We will contribute to creating an enriched society by each employee always being aware of the importance of nature and putting effort into conserving the environment through intellectual innovation gained from the integration of new technologies.

Participation in Social Activities / Social Contributions

We will contribute to the sustainable development of society as good corporate citizens by proactively participating in social activities of local communities through our business activities.