Calsonic Kansei Holds Assembly with Local Residents, Companies, and Governments

On October 30, Calsonic Kansei Corporation held an assembly called "Environmental Communication". A total of 36 people joined the assembly from local residences and companies near the headquarters in Kita-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, as well as officials from Saitama City Hall and the Saitama Prefectural Office.

Environmental Communication is an initiative promoted by Saitama City as an opportunity for companies to share their environmental activities with local residents and exchange information. Calsonic Kansei strongly supports this objective, and this is its second time to hold this assembly, which it first held in 2015. The assembly took place at Calsonic Kansei's headquarters and the Kodama Plant in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, and its aim is to establish trusting relationships with local residents by sharing the company's environmental initiatives with them and deepening mutual understanding.

On the day of the assembly, 36 people visited Calsonic Kansei, including 14 local residents, 18 from nearby companies, and 4 officials from Saitama City Hall and the Saitama Prefectural Office. Calsonic Kansei gave an overview of its operations and environmental initiatives and then held a tour of the site. Participants were shown an underground water screen system that can supply local residents with drinking water in the event of an emergency. The company also showed them its battery quick chargers for electric vehicles, which local people can use for free. After that, there was a discussion where participants could exchange opinions on the company's environmental activities.

Calsonic Kansei will continue working toward its goal to become a company that the local community can trust.

■Outline: Environmental Communication

Participants: Local residents, employees from companies near the CK headquarters, and officials from Saitama City Hall and the Saitama Prefectural Office

Time / Date: October 30, 2017, 13:00 - 17:00

Venue: Calsonic Kansei Corporation R&D Center / Headquarters

Agenda: 1. Greeting by an official representing Saitama City Hall

  1. Explanation of company overview and environmental activities

  2. Company tour

  3. Discussion

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